Roles and responsibilities for SLE deployment

The ESLCN will:

• Identify a short list of suitable SLEs for the deployment and share this with the Headteacher of the receiving school

• Receive the initial request for support

• Contact the Headteacher of the SLE’s home school to agree the deployment

• Liaise with the SLE’s school to establish the deployment plan and discuss funding

• Collate evaluation reports and provide a summary evaluation for the ESLCN, Primary and Secondary Boards.

• Lead on the quality assurance of SLE support

• Lead on the evaluation of impact and collation of evidence

The SLE will:

• Coordinate the completion of the deployment agreement

• Provide the outreach work detailed in the agreement

• Work to improve teaching and learning in order to raise standards and enable vulnerable children to meet age related expectations

• Fill in the Record of Visit form and email it to the School Support Co-ordinator for distribution within 5 working days of the visit.

• Complete an evaluation form at the end of deployment and send to the administrative co-ordinator for distribution.

The headteacher of the SLE’s home school will:

• Agree to release the SLE for the duration of support detailed in this agreement

• Agree to the funding model

The Headteacher of the receiving school will:

• Agree the priorities and impact measures for the deployment

• Agree to the funding arrangements

• Provide the SLE with a range of relevant documentation which will support him/her in understanding the context of the school and its leadership, where agreed

• Work in partnership with the SLE to produce an evaluation report