Benefits of becoming a System Leader

Working as an SLE or LLE is challenging, enriching and extremely rewarding. It provides opportunities to reflect on your own practice, test your problem-solving skills, devise and implement new strategies and systems, and develop further professional confidence. Most SLEs find great satisfaction in coaching and developing others and knowing that pupils are benefitting. In addition, while the actual improvement work is taking place in another school, many system leaders find the experience beneficial to their own classroom practice and school as they bring this experience back with them.

I intend to use my experience and knowledge to inspire other teaching practitioners and schools with developing enriching, inspirational English lessons that will not only engage their pupils but challenge them and give the opportunity to excel. Supporting other teachers has been an extremely positive experience for me and I wish to develop this further by becoming a committed SLE who can provide further outreach support and continue to support a variety of schools with my expertise.

One recent SLE applicant