Courses available in November

We’ve put together a list of a few CPD and training opportunities available in November. Contact the training provider directly to book your place.

From Reconnection to Resilience: The contribution of RSHE to children’s mental health

Provider: Chartered College of Teaching

FREE webinar on November 17, 2021, 5:30 pm

As our school communities come together once more rebuilding, reconnection and recovery are at the heart of what we do within those communities. The impact on the mental wellbeing of staff and students alike has been considerable during the pandemic, and strategies that enable the restoration of resilience are key to recreating a vibrant culture of learning in our schools once more.

The new RSHE Curriculum framework has much to contribute to that process.  Matching and developing resources at this time is vital for successful implementation.

In this webinar, delegates will have the opportunity to hear from:

Professor Barry Carpenter “From Reconnection to Resilience: The contribution of RSHE to children’s mental health”. 

Paula Penny, Head of the RSHE and Citizenship Policy Unit, Department for Education.

Claire Donnachie, Deputy Director of the SFET Teaching School Hub

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Talking for Writing

Provider: Polegate School

£30 for five online sessions from 17 November

This year, Polegate School will host a series of five Talking for Writing sessions, led by Jane Ralph. These sessions will be open to all early years practitioners and will cover:

  • Developing storytelling and story invention
  • Taking the story (and language) into experiential play
  • Developing oral comprehension using fiction and non-fiction
  • Imitation and Innovation in EYFS
  • Moving into the writing

To book a place, please email

Enhancing Subject Knowledge for Teaching Primary Mathematics Key Stage 1 & 2

Provider: MathsHubs Sussex

Six FREE online sessions from 25 November

This work group is aimed at Teachers in KS1 and KS2, particularly teachers who have moved into a new Key Stage, practitioners who would benefit from refreshing their mathematics pedagogy and subject knowledge, or those with little maths specific training.

During these workgroups participants will:

  • Deepen and extend their own subject knowledge in mathematics;
  • Explore key structures of the primary mathematics curriculum and consider the implications for teaching and learning;
  • Understand children’s expected progression in the key structures of the primary mathematics curriculum;
  • Know a range of ways to support children to develop an understanding of the key structures of mathematics;
  • Reflect on their learning and undertake follow up work in school.

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Mindfulness – Supporting Mental Health and Wellbeing in Challenging Times

Provider: CAST Training

19th and 26th November 2021 from 9.30 – 12.30 at Withdean Training Centre, Brighton. £150

We are yet to see the full impact of Coronavirus on the mental health and emotional wellbeing of children. However, studies and direct experience tell us that it has been significantly harmful. We need strategies to support all children in schools.

Mindfulness has incredible potential. It is not a quick fix, but its efficacy is proven. Children can learn how to handle strong emotions, relax, communicate well and concentrate – skills crucial for life and for the classroom. When taught well, mindfulness practices are simple tools that can be used by everyone, every day.

This two half-day session course – combined with an intersessional task – will explore mindfulness techniques, games and practices in an experiential way. We will consider how to address issues of Coronavirus and lockdown. We will also identify strategies for whole school implementation.

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The impact of school closure on pupils with EAL (webinar)

Provider: Chartered College of Teaching

November 23, 2021, 5:30 pm, Online. FREE

This webinar is a joint event between NALDIC  (National Association for Language Development in the Curriculum), and the Chartered College of Teaching.

Pupils with English as an additional language (EAL) attract a great deal of interest among policymakers, school leaders, and teachers, yet there are relatively few studies that have examined EAL attainment and the impact of Covid-19. This issue is increasingly important for EAL policy development, given that the data shows the percentage of pupils recorded as speaking English as an additional language has more than trebled since 1997 and is about 19% of the school population.

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EYFS – Equality, Race and Unconscious Bias

Provider: East Sussex County Council

25 November, 4.00 – 6.00pm online

This course will examine and challenge educators’ pedagogical practice and values reflected in practice, through having conversations about stereotypes, unconscious bias and myths about people, culture and communities.

We are fortunate to have Dr Stella Louis, an associate of Early Education, who has a wealth of early years experience leading this session. Stella is also an international speaker and author.

Set within the themes and principles of the Early Years Foundation Stage the training is broadly split into two parts, discussing race and exploring unconscious bias.

Find out more here or contact ESCC Events Team SLES to book a place.

Teaching mixed-age classes

Provider: Chartered College of Teaching

November 25, 2021, 6:00 pm, Online. FREE

In this open webinar offered in conjunction with the Rural Teaching Partnership, we will hear from practitioners working in small, rural schools.  Our speakers will be sharing the joys and challenges of working in these settings, as well as providing some practical advice on teaching mixed-age classes.

The presentation will cover:

  • EYFS/KS1 approaches
  • KS2 approaches
  • Headship/senior leadership of a small school
  • Rural Teaching Partnership: opportunities to participate#

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