Coaching is a powerful tool for building the confidence of school leaders, their staff and the children/students at their schools.  Research on leadership coaching has evidenced accelerated school improvement and standards, delivering improved learning in the classroom, and effective progress and results. Coaching can raise the self-awareness of school leaders and deepens their self-reflection. More importantly, a coaching approach enables leaders to develop a solutions-based, problem solving culture in their schools.

For the past two years, ESLCN have been able to run a fully funded Equality and Diversity project which has been highly acclaimed by participants and has led to an increase in applications for leadership posts. Unfortunately, the funding for a third year has been withdrawn, however we now have established coaches who are able to work effectively and empathetically with school leaders to grow their confidence in reflecting on and problem-solving challenges they may be facing in their schools and in developing solutions for ways forward. It may be that you are considering applying for a school leadership position and coaching may be a successful route to guide you through this thinking process.

If you’d like support with coaching, please contact ESLCN Chair, Claire Rivers.