About Us

The ESLCN is a network of schools who work with the local authority and wider strategic partners to provide a professional resources to local schools. The Network is inclusive of:

• Dioceses

• Multi-Academy Trusts

• Stand-alone academies

• LA maintained schools

We share a commitment to an excellent self-improving school system and the East Sussex Excellence for All ambition where:

• No child, school or academy is left behind

• All young people receive high quality education and are prepared for

success in life whatever they choose to do

Building on the successes of the East Sussex Teaching School Network, our ambition is to sustain a local collaborative approach to school improvement, regardless of national designations and resourcing. We aim to provide a blended offer of provision for all East Sussex schools that:

• Maximises the resources and expertise of local, regional and national providers

• Improve co-ordination

• Avoid duplication of provision in the region

Our network has a common ethos, proven track record and local knowledge. With out broad range of local, regional and national partners, we:

• Provide a responsive and high quality resource for professional development and support for all schools

• Co-ordinate and manage the accreditation and deployment of SLEs

• Bring together the CPD offer for all stages of professional practice

• Connect schools to the latest evidence and good practice inside and beyond East Sussex

• Support networks and other opportunities for schools and providers to learn from each other

This site is for:

• Teaching professionals of all levels to support us in the delivery of our vision

• All East Sussex primary schools to access development and support

Our vision is to

• Support schools in providing high quality teaching and learning for the pupils/students of East Sussex
• Foster effective collaboration and school to school support to build the capacity and expertise within East Sussex schools
• Respond to emerging priorities identified by schools, the Primary Board and Secondary Boards
• Understand and be able to draw on the strengths and capacity within our schools and their networks bodies to provide effective and timely support to others, sharing good/exemplary practice
• Provide a focal point for planning, oversight and communication of the CPD and school to school support available to schools
• Develop and employ a mechanism for quality assuring the CPD provided by schools
• Know and be able to draw on the expertise and resources available from the:

• Teaching School Hub

Subject hubs

• Research school

• As well as others to share and disseminate effective practice
• Signpost schools to the range of resources and support available to them locally and nationally
• Recruit, train and deploy system leaders and quality assure their provision in terms of impact on intended outcomes
• Promote evidence-based research principles and practice in schools
• Communicate sources of research-informed continuing professional and leadership development to support a range of career pathways
• Keep the quality of Initial Teacher Training (ITT) and the Early Career Framework (ECF) local provision under review
• Hold each other to account through the moderation of activities, support and impact.

Network membership

At its core, our partnership includes:
• EIP Learning Collaborative Partner schools
• The local authority
• STEP Ahead Teaching School Hub (the DfE designated Teaching School Hub for East Sussex, Brighton & Hove).

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Education Improvement Partnerships (EIPs)

Education Improvement Partnerships (EIPs) are the area-based structures East Sussex has developed to coordinate the work of primary schools and early years providers to improve outcomes for all puipils within the school-led system.

EIPs receive funding from the local authority to identify and address the needs of all schools within the EIP. Through the EIP Chair, they report to the Primary Board to help identify county wide priorities and are accountable to the Primary Board for the planning, implementation and impact of the EIPs’ work.

Within each EIP, schools are grouped in smaller alliances which is where much of the day-to-day collaboration and partnership working takes place. Schools within these locality groups understand the strengths and support needs of each school in their local context and know where schools have the capacity and expertise to support others.

Primary schools are grouped into four EIPs:

Ashdown and Lewes


Rother, Rye and Hastings


You can download the East Sussex EIP List which provides a full list of schools, their alliances and EIPs.

Sussex Learning Collaborative Network

The Sussex Learning Collaborative Network brings together representatives from:

• East Sussex

• West Sussex

• Brighton and Hove

• Previous Teaching Schools

East and West Sussex Teaching School Hubs

The West Sussex Maths Hub

Durrington Research School

The network’s key functions are:
• To support schools in providing high quality teaching and learning for the pupils and students of East and West Sussex/Brighton and Hove.
• To provide a focal point for developing school-led school improvement across East and West Sussex, Brighton and Hove.
• To continue to share good and exemplary practice across the East and West Sussex, Brighton and Hove region.
• To support, collaborate with and contribute to the work of the Teaching School Hubs.
• To enhance capacity, improve co-ordination and avoid duplication of provision in the region.
• To explore local and national initiatives and research that may be of benefit to the schools in East and West Sussex/Brighton and Hove.
• To support the well-being of school leaders by providing an open forum for discussion.

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Our Strategic Partners

EIP Learning Collaborative Partner schools

Learning Collaborative Partner schools (LCPs) are good or outstanding schools. LCPs play an important role in the East Sussex school-led system. By working with others, they provide high-quality training and support for school improvement in their local area.

Each of our four Education Improvement Partnerships (EIPs) has a designated LCP. They coordinate the delivery of CPD and school to school support, drawing on the strengths and experience that comes from schools and staff across the EIP. LCPs work with the EIP’s executive to ensure all needs-driven intervention, support and CPD is of a high quality, timely and effective.

Each individual LCP is accountable to their EIP’s executive and to the Primary Board for the impact of their work.

All LCPs are members of the ESLCN. Together, they ensure that, through effective collaboration, each LCP is able to deliver the training and support required by EIP schools.

For more information about the individual LCPs and their activities, please follow the links to their respective EIP websites.

Newick CE Primary School: Ashdown and Lewes EIP
Polegate Primary School: Eastbourne EIP
Little Common Primary School: Rother/Rye/ Hastings EIP

STEP Ahead Teaching School Hub

The STEP Ahead teaching School Hub is the DfE designated Teaching School Hub for Brighton & Hove and East Sussex.

Based at Angel Oak Academy, it is part of STEP Academy Trust. The hub works to support schools by providing high quality development opportunities to teachers with a focus on Initial Teacher Training, the Early Career Framework, and is a delivery partner for Ambition who are a designated national provider for the revised suite of leadership NPQs.

GLF West Sussex Teaching School Hub

The GLF Teaching School Hub is the DfE designated Teaching School Hub for West Sussex and is represented at the Sussex Collaborative Partnership Network.

Sussex Maths Hub

The Sussex hub is one of 40 Maths Hubs across England, formed in 2014 from a partnership of schools and colleges which included:

• Early Years

• Primary

• Secondary

• Further Education

The Sussex Maths Hub works with education researchers and practitioners to improve teaching and learning in the subject. The Sussex Maths Hub is led by St Paul’s Catholic College in Burgess Hill and covers Brighton and Hove and East and West Sussex.

Durrington Research School

Part of the Research Schools Network, supported by the Education Endowment Foundation, Durrington Research School is based near Worthing and plays a key role in supporting a school-led system, supporting schools, sharing evidence and best practice and providing training.

School-Centred Initial Teacher Training providers

We work with a number of school-led teacher training providers. Our Teacher Training section outlines all the options available for training to teach in East Sussex. This section includes a handy Routes into Teaching diagram.

The Chartered College of Teaching

The Chartered College of Teaching is the professional body for teachers. Its aim is to celebrate, support and connect teachers and to raise the status of the profession and to provide the best possible education for children and young people. The College works with schools to bridge the gap between practice and research providing high quality resources and training via membership.


We work with the University of Sussex and University of Brighton as part of the Initial Teacher Training programme and have strong links with University College London regarding leadership training and the Early Career Framework.

East Sussex Local Authority

The local authority is a full partner and is represented on both the East Sussex and Sussex networks. As champion for children and young people it holds the system to account for the outcomes, progress and destinations of all pupils, especially those at risk of under-performance. The local authority contributes to the ESLCN blended CPD offer and provides information and support to LCPs and EIPs.

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